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Thank you so much for all the relief you have given me for my headaches stemming from my neck pain. Not only have I seen improvement over the months I’ve been coming in, but on several occasions, I have stumbled into your office with a blinding headache and left with complete relief. This has enabled me to perform better at my work and enjoy my evenings at home with my family. Thank you so much!

Chiropractors Santa Rosa
Rowe R.

Thank you for the help I received over the past 2 months. Before seeing you for chiropractic care, I was experiencing a problem with my right knee and its range of motion. It was about to lock up on me while I was at the gym and sometimes walking at a faster gait proved challenging. I also had a stiff and sore back. As I started to get help I thought “well good, these areas are going to feel better." Much to my surprise, there has been much more than a knee. Now with normal range of motion and no pain, as well as a less stiff back. I walk better. I am more aware of my posture. Stretching out is easier, exercising is less strenuous. My sinuses started to drain (wow!) Simply put, I feel better throughout my body and mind. Thank you for your help and thank you for understanding when I was initially reluctant to come in and try a new approach to my overall health.

Santa Rosa Chiropractor
Michael M.

I am so glad I found Dr. Mike (Michael Ridgeway). I have gone to Chiropractors off and on for the last 20 years. Recently I had an issue on the lower left side of my back that wouldn't resolve. The pain was easily 7 or 8 out of 10 constantly. I saw the Chiropractor I normally would see and it didn't help. I thought maybe since it didn't help that it wasn't a spine issue so then I saw a deep tissue massage therapist. That didn't help. I kept feeling like I must have an issue with my spine. After being in pain for almost 6 weeks I searched for a new Chiropractor. I sent an email through Dr. Mike's website because I saw they offered massage and Chiropractic and figured I had a better chance of getting to the root of the problem, whether spinal or muscular, because of this. Within 5 minutes after sending a message through Dr. Mike's website on a Saturday I got a call. Dr. Mike discussed my issue with me and I set up an appointment for the coming Monday. Monday when I saw Dr. Mike he talked to me, performed an x-ray, identified the issue, prepped me for adjustment through various methods, adjusted me and I walked away about 95% improved, virtually pain free. I knew I would need multiple adjustments for it to hold and subsequently saw him. I am now 100% better and working with Dr. Mike to keep my spine in line and hopefully prevent future issues. I would recommend Dr. Mike to anyone needing a Chiropractor and look forward to having him as a continued partner in my health.

Santa Rosa Chiropractor
Rodger Bell.

Dr Ridgeway is one of the most caring, kind, thorough, and proficient chiropractors I have ever met. He is also a great listener, which is very unusual in the medical world. I started with him as a result of a recent car accident, but I plan on staying due to chronic pain and arthritis. I would highly recommend him to anyone is search of healing.

Santa Rosa Chiropractor
Helen Andrade.

Dr. Ridgeway was very helpful in not only treating my back pain, but identifying underlying causes for the pain. He provided useful tips for ways to prevent further ailment and stretches designed to strengthen the supporting muscles of the spine. Now I am feeling better than I have in years. Definitely recommend!

Santa Rosa Chiropractor
Marcus Begley.

SPLAT! That was me falling on my butt from a ladder onto a tile floor. PAIN! PAIN! PAIN! Couldn't walk, or sit. Three compressed discs and tweaked pelvis. My left leg was 2" shorter than it should be. Did I mention there was a lot of pain? Yes. A lot. Dr. Mike. Dr. Mike. Dr. Mike. He put me on the LCD program. This uses a disc decompression table to straighten your spine. There are not many of these tables around. I'm about halfway thru my treatment and my PAIN is greatly reduced, I can stand, sit and almost walk unassisted. I'm taller. I highly recommend Dr. Mike. Try it.

Santa Rosa Chiropractor
Gary Wilson.

I went to see Dr. Ridgeway after dealing with years of back pain, and I should have came in sooner! My back was feeling more flexible after a few visits. I had another flare up, but Dr. Ridgeway was able to help bring the pain back under control again. I cannot recommend the Neck Pain, Back Pain, Headache Relief Center enough.

Santa Rosa Chiropractor
Kyle Jones.

After spending much of the previous day flat on my back, I decided I needed help for my lower back pain. I found Dr Mike on Google, sent a message, and hoped for the best. Within 10 minutes, I had received a call back from Dr Mike and had an appointment to see him within the hour.

I waddled into his office, and was able to walk out after his treatment. I’ve told all my coworkers and family about his awesome service and look forward to his treatment for my condition.

Thanks Dr. Mike!

Santa Rosa Chiropractor
Matt Roark.

Dr. Mike was the only chiropractor that could straighten out my back. I went to several other chiropractors and saw no improvement. I fell twice in 8 months on my tail bone and could only stand for 10 mins. Dr. Mike has a machine called, Lumbar Cervical Decompression. It's not painful and I'm almost pain free now. It is an incredible machine for treating my lumbar disc condition. Thank you Dr. Mike, Cindy G

Santa Rosa Chiropractor
Cindy George.

Dr. Michael Ridgeway, owner of natural health center is not only a very professional and skilled chiropractor, but listens and administers treatment with expertise and kindness. I have rheumatoid arthritis causing debilitating pain despite traditional medical treatment. After my daughter gave me a gift certificate for acupuncture, I went with skepticism-if traditional medicine could help me, why would acupuncture? Dr. Ridgeway, DC uses low voltage electric current applied to the acupuncture point, no needles. I was shocked when after, the third treatment I felt better than I had in a year! But, the doubt continued and did the treatments. I could not understand how such a simple painless treatment could help me so much. I informed my rheumatologist about the acupuncture and the chiropractic treatments I had just started. He was very pleased to hear how successful it was for me and encouraged the treatments. Like many things in life, one treatment may not do the trick, but I found that in conjunction with traditional medicine I can live and enjoy the freedom from pain that was smothering my life. Skepticism gone! Dr. Ridgeway, DC is a gift that my daughter doesn’t realized changed my life.

Chiropractor Santa Rosa CA
Amy W.

I have been a migraine suffer for almost 35 years. It affects my life greatly-sometimes daily. The pain is so severe that I don’t leave my house for a day or two at a time. I have these migraines at least once a week. I have tried many meds for preventative care but none are very helpful and most have terrible side effects. A couple of weeks ago I came in for my first visit with Dr. Ridgeway, DC. I was experiencing my usual migraine and body pain. After receiving my first adjustment, my body pain subsided as did my migraine. I have never received any type of medical care and gotten that kid of immediate pain relief. I have been continuing my visits to Dr. Ridgeway, DC. I have had 6 more treatments since then and my headaches have not been as severe as usual and my body pain is much improved. I used to have constant pain behind my left eye, almost like a tooth ache and that is gone now. I don’t dread waking up like I used to. I look forward to my continued recovery and good health. I believe I have finally found the answer after 35 years of migraine pain.

Chiropractor Santa Rosa CA
Mark S.

Dear Dr. Ridgeway, I would like to thank you for your treatments for the past month. In two weeks, I was pain free! As an active guy wanting to do the triathlon this spring I can be pretty hard on my body. Training on top of having major spine fusion in college, my body can be finicky at times. I’ve been told by other doctors that my pain won’t go away and it’s something I have to live with. Since seeing you my body feels great and my training is almost pain free. No more cramped legs after a long bike rides or shooting pains from my hips after a long run. No other treatments have had the success that your sessions have had.

Chiropractor Santa Rosa CA
Greg A.

I came to see Dr. Ridgeway, DC for lower back pain that had me in the ER the night prior. Within 3 treatments I’m walking, moving, living without pain in three days! He took me from a 10 on the pain scale to a zero, incredible. Also, in conversation I told him of an on set of “tennis elbow" injury from working at the computer. He made an adjustment and now I am writing this testimony with no pain at all. I am a nurse and it’s important for me to work without pain. He is the best Medication in town.

Chiropractor Santa Rosa CA
Sheila S.

Dear Dr. Ridgeway, Thank you for introducing me to zerona treatment for weight loss. I never knew that cold laser therapy could be so effective for losing weight and inches without exercise. In six treatments I lost 6 inches and two dress sizes from a size 16 to a size 12. I feel better. Thank you again and I would recommend this treatment to anyone. It has given me a boost and I feel younger.

Chiropractor Santa Rosa CA
Kathy V.

Dear Dr. Ridgeway, I have been so thrilled with the results from your zerona treatment. After 12 treatments I have lost 3 dress sizes and 16 pounds. I have noticed a tightening of the skin around my target areas that we agreed to treat and I have more energy. Thank you so much. I feel more confident at work and in my social life.

Chiropractor Santa Rosa CA
Margaret K.

Shortly before surgery was scheduled to relieve any symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, a friend of mine suggested I try chiropractic care with Dr. Ridgeway, DC. I had no idea that the pain, tingling and lack of sensation in my left hand and arm could be treated by a chiropractor, but I was thrilled to learn that surgery was not my only treatment option. I began regular care with Dr. Ridgeway, DC. I experience relief of my symptoms within a few short weeks. As my treatment continued, it became clear that these changes were permanent and I would not need surgery! Dr. Ridgeway’s ongoing care has not only eliminated my need for carpal tunnel surgery I have increased range of motion in my neck, learned to walk and work with a healthier posture, recovered joint and muscle flexibility throughout my body and been relieved of discomfort caused by the initial signs of arthritis. Thank you Dr. Ridgeway, for your ongoing care and cure.

Chiropractor Santa Rosa CA
Heather S.

I am a competitive weightlifter and depend on my body to perform at the highest levels. Recently I had severe shoulder pain, limiting my performance and keeping me out of competition. I had seen several other doctors, two of whom recommend surgery. I was not willing to take the risk so I sought one last option. I saw Dr. Ridgeway, DC and he immediately defined the problem. Within 2 weeks I was lifting with no pain and was finally able to achieve the kind of strength I needed to perform at my best. Recently I benched a personal best weight of just over 300 pounds, 60 pounds over my previous best. Thank you Dr. Ridgeway, DC.

Chiropractor Santa Rosa CA
Shannon T.

I had a stress fracture in my right foot and wore a boot for a few days. My right hip was hurting a lot. Dr. Ridgeway, DC did an adjustment on a Saturday after hours. It relieved the pain and my wife told me that she could see a big difference in my walking.

Chiropractor Santa Rosa CA
Joe S.

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